Turkish Drone & Russian Army



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Turkish Drone & Russian Army

Putting into context Turkish drone & Russian army is a complicated proposition at best. Yet, it turned out to become my first ever article to be published in a newspaper. Not only the topic required technlogical knowledge and first hand information but also it had to make the point. Plus, beside Russia and Ukraine, Turkiye and the UK also needed to be in focus.

The fact that my first ever article was published in the world’s most read platform is the other side of the coin. Daily Mail nowadays considered to be the world’s leading daily from London. Finally, this article received enough click to turn me into a regular writer for this London daily. Now, I simultaneously write similar articles on two London dailies.

Turkish Drone & Russian Army

Here is a sample from the article.

The Turkish drone making mincemeat of Putin’s army. Bayraktar TB2 is so loved by Ukraine’s soldiers that they sing folk songs about it. All the while Russians have announced a £800 reward for any that are shot down.

  • Ukrainian soldiers have fallen in love with the Bayraktar TB-2 drone system
  • Turkey-made flying missile launcher has obliterated ten of Putin’s helicopters
  • And in play since just after the war began, they helped keep Kyiv from conquest
  • Bayraktar is proving so effective that Russia now offering £800 to destroy them

It’s not often that a weapons system inspires a hit viral folk song, especially one with lyrics that talk of destroying ‘inventory’ and ‘Russian tankmen hiding in the bushes’, but then it is hard to underestimate the appeal of the Bayraktar TB-2.

For ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this Turkish aerial drone has proved to be one of the biggest ‘hits’ of the war – at least for the Ukrainians. Since February, the Bayraktar, which costs in the region of one to two million dollars, has obliterated an astonishing amount of Russian equipment, including ten helicopters, thirteen surface-to-air missile systems, seven armoured vehicles, twenty-seven other vehicles, six naval vessels, and numerous other targets such as command posts and fuel dumps.

Little wonder then, that the technology has become a vital component in the war against Putin’s forces, as it scouts terrain and identifies targets before carrying out precision strikes using laser-guided weaponry.

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