CA Made Biden Lame-Duck

CA Made Biden Lame-Duck



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CA Made Biden Lame:Duck

How Democrat-stronghold California’s spiralling crime, unemployment and homelessness could help leave Biden a lame duck following the midterms! That was the headline for my fourth article published in Daily Mail:. Surely, CA made Biden lame-duck.

Some may say, Joe Biden became the most successful president in history as far as losing a mid-term election. They are right. However, since lame-duck also means “helpless”, what is the difference?  For the full printed version click here.

CA Made Biden Lame-Duck

  • California has been under Democrat control for the past three decades
  • Crime is rising, homelessness is out of control and homes are unaffordable
  • Other Democrat strongholds are on the verge of social breakdown

California, where I live, has been under Democrat control for the past three decades, during which it has gone from being one of the world’s most desirable places to live – the Golden State – to one of the worst.

Today, crime is rampant. Unemployment is soaring. Thanks to an influx during Covid of people from out-of-state, property prices are now unaffordable, with young professionals and middle-class families leaving in droves.

But in Los Angeles, the homeless are ubiquitous, with more than 8,000 people routinely camped out along streets in the notorious ‘Skid Row’ district.

San Francisco and San Diego are similarly affected by rough sleepers. It is estimated that there are now between half a million and a million homeless across North America.

California Left Biden Lame-DuckCA Made Biden Lame-Duck

But Worse Yet To Come

The state has also all but given up on defending against gangs of casual thieves, who walk into stores, empty the shelves and stroll out with their loot – unconcerned that stunned shoppers are filming the robberies on their phones.

Do a Google search for ‘shoplifting in San Francisco’, and you will be greeted with more than 100,000 hits.


Add in cripplingly high taxation – already one of the most heavily taxed states, California also boasts the highest top-rate bracket – hopelessly untargeted public spending and economic stagnation, and you can see why so many are abandoning it.

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