According to Gunasti: America From California

Amerika'nin Kaliforniya Cumhuriyeti Sorunu



According to Gunasti: America From California

Erbil Gunasti, aka Bill and MayorGunasti writes “According to Gunasti: America from California” blog. It is meant to be a timely and useful perception about America to Turkish readers worldwide. It will be third blog by Erbil Gunasti. The other blogs are at and

The first provides US foreign policy objectives and Turkiye based information and opinion. It is primarily meant to appeal Conservatives and Republicans in America and the UK.  The second blog covers pop culture projects by Erbil Gunasti and Daphne Barak. It also talks about socio-political and economic issues.

As a result, this Turkish blog will complement English written blogs to communicate similar information in different parts of the world. Gunasti does not believe translation does justice to posts or published articles.

According to Gunasti: America From California

Erbil Gunasti is a Republican Party delegate, representing 36th district in California. In this Turkish blog, talking about America from California would have two varying basis.

One will have Conservative Republican political perspective. The other will have a dual objective. Gunasti is a naturalized citizen of the US with Turkish heritage.

Consequently, the content will surely favor one side of the isle. However, Gunasti’s purpose is to keep posts objective, bolstered with information and opinions.

Erbil Gunasti

-Published Author

–Writes at the London dailies

—Television and Film Producer

—-Geo-Political Subject Matter Expert

—–Turkish, French, American Educated

Gunasti is able to publish books and newspaper articles, as well as produce documentaries and films. Coupled with online platforms, Gunasti disseminates wide variety of information and opinion employing multitude of platforms.

Since most of Gunasti’s intellectual property is based on geo-political subject matter, they aldo reflect cross-culture polonization. In other words, wether Turkish or English, Gunasti’s publishings would reflect something original.

About Turkish Blog

Erbil Gunasti worked as a “Press Officer” at the United Nations Headquarter in New York. He was there for fifteen years, serving eight Turkish prime ministers. One of his many duties was to translate US media printed documents to Turkish.

Gunasti long noticed that translating does not do justice. On the other hand, “interpreting” would also be wrong when it comes to official duties of a press officer. As a result, the end result would be more often than not “Lost in Translation”.

With that experience, Gunasti sought “Erbil Writes” posts under “All The News That’s NOT Fit To Print In America” are not suitable for Turkish readers. They will be reading the translated versions. Moreover, there will be the issue of “interpretation”.

Hence, Turkish blog will eliminate misinterpretations or misperceptions.

According to Gunasti: America From California

As a result, “According to Gunasti: America From California” coupled with Gunast’s English blogs will reach to a larger audience. Furthermore, both audience will get the nuances right. Hence, they will be able to understand the position of one another on the same topics better. Intelligent debate will be possible.

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