Killing The American Dream



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Killing The American Dream

If America is the land of opportunity, there is no state more firmly held to prove it true than California. But something strange is happening on the West Coast. Shrinking economy and rising immigration in the Golden State killing the American dream.

Killing The American Dream

With a unique mix of a Mediterranean climate and fertile land, hi-tech and Hollywood, it’s little wonder the Sunshine state has become the most populous in America – serving for decades as a magnet for those seeking a better life.

So far from growing, the population is actually shrinking as thousands of middle-income families move out to other states.

With the infrastructure collapsing at the same rate as the Californian economy and the big city streets filled with the sick, homeless and drug-addled, you might think it’s no wonder that the truly wealthy are seeking out the clean air of states such as Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska or the Dakotas.

But that’s not where the main effect is felt. Rather, it’s the aspiring young families who are vanishing. relocating to states such as Texas and taking their skills – and, as happens, their political opinions – with them.

For them, California, the state that dominated the 20th century, is no longer a place of progress.



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