UN: Impotent Talking Shop

UN: Impotent Talking Shop



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 UN: Impotent Talking Shop

Daily Mail published my last article in 2022, based on my tenure at the United Nations headquarter in New York. “UN: Impotent Talking Shop” headline summed up my observations in this world organziation when I worked there 15 years from 1992 to 2008.

UN: Impotent Talking Shop

“In truth, the organisation is stuck in 1945, and has been run ever since its inception very much in the interests of the five permanent members of the security council – the five allies who defeated Nazi Germany almost 80 years ago.

Given that all are nuclear powers and all five have the power of veto over the council’s work, it’s no surprise that that you will fail to find resolutions on Taiwan or Ukraine in the past 12 months.”


US, Russia, China, UK, France

“Despite its obvious aggression in Ukraine, Russia remains a permanent member of the UN security council, the body primarily responsible for maintaining international peace.

China is a permanent member, too, notwithstanding its sabre-rattling over Taiwan and ongoing border skirmishes with India. As are the United States, Britain and France, all of which have armed Ukraine in its war against Russia.

Can the UN really claim to be a guardian of global peace?”

UN: Impotent Talking Shop

“It is clear the world has changed, but the UN has not changed with it.” 

The World Is Bigger Than Five

“The fundamental problem at the heart of the UN was summed up by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2014, when he complained that ‘the world is bigger than five’.

It should be a rallying cry for any country not a permanent security council member.”

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